About the Hole on the End

Generally, I believe most overstate their location relative to the Bible Belt, perhaps because the cliché is easier to recite that they are the buckle. Without the hole in the belt, more often than not the buckle won’t close. Yes, there are the curious exceptions of web belts. Mentioning them only means that I can over think anything, especially an analogy. For the case of the web belt the hole is considered superfluous or unneeded. I challenge you, have you ever taken off a web belt and tried to hang it on a belt hook? Hard to do without a hole in the belt. Now, why the hole at the end? I present 2 seemingly unrelated items.

On any given belt there are a set number of holes. Some have more, some have less, but they almost all have more than one, and in any given set of holes one is first one is last. If the belly behind the belt is bigger, the hole on the end gets used. Unless you get the wrong sized belt, using the hole on the end is a sign you’re about to need a new belt. Even when you get a new belt, there is still a hole on the end.

I live in a state that is 2nd in the nation (according to a recent Pew Research Center poll) in percentage of residents (74%) who say that religion is very important in their lives. Although only 52% of residents say they regularly attend religious services once a week, making it 5th in that category. Now the 52% is not of the 74%, they are separate numbers, so there may be some that value religion that don’t attend church or that attend church without valuing religion. Pointing that out reinforces my ability to over think.

Regardless of where you place it, there’s no way you can classify me as being in a place on the fringe of the Bible Belt. The location of the buckle is arguable, but clearly I’m in the belt. And I live my life that way. I’ve been writing things my whole life, when I started trying to hide religious metaphors and symbolism in my writing it got easier and my desire to write got stronger. I can’t say that everything I will post on this blog will be religious in nature or even have undercurrents, but have you ever considered belts with a religious twist? There will be other topics, but none of more importance.

So welcome to The Hole on the End of the Bible Belt.