About Byrdmouse

Reconstructed image of a House Mouse skull.

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It is probably past time for me to update this page, but to be honest, I wasn’t real sure what to put. After all, I would hate for someone to read my posts, like them, then read my about page and decide they no longer cared what I had to say. My blood type is not B Negative (isn’t that all pessimists’ blood types?), and I remain the eternal optimist (I think John McCain still has a chance), so fear will not drive me to not update the page.  

The main reason I started this blog was to write in the small snippets of time a husband, father of three girls, and owner of a house nearly as old as me gets. When I get larger pieces of time I try to write on my fiction works, even though here in the last six months I’ve really been feeling the pull towards non-fiction. One of my favorite writers is C.S. Lewis who was well-known (in my book) for writing a non-fiction piece describing theologic matters for both the layman and non-layman followed by fictional works that masked the same issues in literary fashion. This remains a powerful method that I would love to emulate. Even though I resist the urge to do so.

At this time, my only completed work of fiction is an allegory of Jonah. My Jonah character is the antagonist rather than the protagonist of the story, and it is a recently converted atheist that effectively convinces Mayor Joe King of New Ixeveh to come to his senses. It is novella length, making it much more difficult to market to an agent or publisher by itself. Many have indicated that they liked the idea and wanted to read it, but so far only one has. I love that I took a three page, four chapter book and expounded it into a work of literature that is over 30,000 words, but it seems that love is only shared by that one person. It’s sort of like bananas and raisins are to me, when I start to eat them I do it grudgingly, but once I start I can’t eat enough.

Meanwhile I still strive to include my faith in all that I do, especially my writing. When I’m not writing, I am a husband, father to 3 girls, and a civil engineer. Despite the fact that I have an engineering education as well as science training (my father was a public science teacher) and a love of things empirical, my faith is a major motivating factor in my life. Most pastors are cautioned against serving churches full of scientists and engineers, but I am not of a like those typical science-types. Some folk march to the sound of a different drummer, I skip to the sound of a separate symphony.

Briefly, my moniker comes from one of the only nicknames I earned that stuck. While in Basic Training during my tenure in the US Army, the Drill Sergeant needed one person to clean their office and do paperwork for the platoon. They called this person the House Mouse, and I was the lucky sap that was volun-told it was my duty. This made me “Byrd the Mouse” which was shortened to the Byrdmouse name that my iPhone “corrects” to birdhouse often.

While I would love to write everyday, currently it seems every two to three days is my normal frequency. The good part is that this includes weekends, so mine is not a weekday only blog. Check back often or subscribe, and don’t hesitate to post, comment, email or ask any questions. My email is byrdmouse@gmail.com. Thanks for your interest in reading, and thank you for your time. I hope I make it worth your while.