Judas was a Judas before Judas meant Judas

This morning I was reading in John and it mentioned that Judas Iscariot was known to have dipped his hand in the til from time to time. The disciples are considered to be some of the greatest followers and yet Judas was a known crooked person and walked among them.

There’s a chance that since John wrote his book well after the Resurrection that he was “editorializing” and adding facts they only figured out afterwords. I don’t imagine after Easter Sunday they sat around auditing the late-Judas’ books to figure it out. One of them had to know beforehand. It is te same where you work, there’s gossip to be heard–or shared. Judas was a Judas before Judas meant Judas and the disciples knew it. More important, Jesus knew it.

But he let him stay. He left him in charge of the money. Clearly the money tempted Judas, but Jesus let the temptation ride. He did not rescue Judas from himself. The man who raised the dead, healed the sick, turned water into wine, and spoke in parables the people understood even when his followers didn’t did not save one of his 12 closest and personally chosen friends from himself. C.S. Lewis said in Mere Christianity, “If God thinks this state of war in the universe a price worth paying for free will…then we may take it it is worth paying.” Jesus let Judas be Judas because it was a price worth paying for all of us.



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4 responses to “Judas was a Judas before Judas meant Judas

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  3. I have read your comment and could not disagree more with what you said with the possible exception of the third point. You provide no evidence to support your conclusions except for the three videos, which seems a poor piece of support to me. While I didn’t watch the Lady Gaga videos, I do believe that perhaps you found this post based on one of her songs. I am not familiar with that song either, but what I am familiar with is that my 14 year old asked me when I first posted this if it was something against Lady Gaga.

    Since she has corrected the wrong her staff committed against Al Yankovic, I have nothing against Lady Gaga. Nothing for her, but nothing against her. I would not try to support any serious argument I had with a Weird Al video, and believe that would go for any other singer as well.

    Embracing diversity and acceptance is important, but does not mean to bend or break the standards in which you believe or that are right. Humanism is a means of making oneself comfortable doing what one feels is right and justifying it. Grace is the only thing that matters, and you have clearly put that last. As for hate, it is evil, hate of something boils down to a love of self over that something. It is pride in a masked form.

    As for the third video, which I did watch, it opens up a door I’m not wanting to open, that of the question of homosexuality. Of course homosexuals tend to not go to attend church. It is in my ability to remove this comment altogether, but I have chosen not to (so far). I do not want to discuss that matter on this blog, it is off the subject and I would ask you not to continue in that direction.

  4. Leadership comes from having the moral high ground. Period. If people do not except your vision of the moral high ground, no amount of charisma or strategy will save you. The leader is doomed if the *MESSAGE* is doomed. Here’s some hints in your losing “Leadership” battle.
    * Embrace Diversity & Acceptance (including OPEN support for GAY MARRIAGE)
    * Embrace Humanism (prioritize values of CHARITY, HUMILITY, and GRACE, in that order)
    * Make it clear that HATE is EVIL by FORBIDDING IT
    If you have a problem with passionately singing about ALL of the above three, you need to change your tune.
    May I suggest:
    Lady Gaga – Born This Way (YOUTUBE)

    Lady Gaga – Black Jesus † Amen Fashion (Audio) (YOUTUBE)

    And just for kicks (with passion):

    Society is not changing fast enough, and I’m impatient.

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